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Punch Key Productions is a Video Production House situated in Pretoria East. We are actively in the industry for 5 years now and cater for a variety of productions like corporate videos, weddings, music videos, ads and short films. Our aim is to breathe life into every production by creating its own identity through concept and style.

About Punche Key

Short Films
Apartment One
Apartment One

Apartment 1 is a short film that was commissioned by M-Net in 2004 for the annual M-Net Edit competition. Someone once said that filmmaking is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent hard work and after this production we can vouch for that statement. We won for best cinematography, original score and best directing. And just for the record, this short film was produced long before the "Film Noir" genre was resuscitated by the release of "Sin City" in 2005. Talk about zeitgeist.
Music Videos
May Leaves
Artist: Alex & Her
Song: May Leaves

May Leaves was shot over three chilling mornings in the heart of the winter out on a farm near Pretoria. It was a very small and therefore intimate shoot, which is always nice. We were only three crew members of whom one brought us only coffee to keep warm. We shot it on a Canon 7D using only a Canon 50mm f1.4 prime lens.
Gren Basis 13
Artist: Grensbasis 13
Song: Helse Vlamme

Helse vlam is about hypocrisy and the concept was very basic: to show everyday people who pretend. We shot the video in a school hall in one day. The music video did very well on the charts despite the fact that our creased backdrop sagged during the shoot, giving us the inconsistent background we absolutely did not want.
Artist: Duskant Ombliksem
Song: Doringboom

Doringboom was very well received after concerns over its explicitness. We came up with the concept of combining animation with video footage to incorporate the two different realms the song takes place in. The girl playing "Sarie" is a cousin of one of the directors and front man of the band is cousin of the electric guitarist whose house we also shot in. Keeping it in the family!
Skeur my in Twee
Artist: Tot Stilstand
Song: Skeur my in Twee

Skeur my in Twee is about how we search ourselves to find out what it is that defines who we are. Who are we when we are stripped of everything this world puts onto us or label us by? Do we find our identity in our careers or perhaps in our recreational activities after we finish our job for the day. Does success or money define us, or perhaps what we stand for or what our religious views are? Or is it none of these at all, and something deeper within our souls?
Corporate Videos
PG Bison
Client: PG Bison
Project: Ugi Plant

Traveling down to the Eastern Cape in a prop plane twice a month and then working in extreme weather conditions can be challenging, but that is what filmmaking is all about; capturing what is necessary regardless of what is going on behind the cameras. After 14 months of accumulating footage the video came together to tell the story of the construction of a factory, completed one month ahead of schedule and under budget.
Client: Sappi
Project: 50 Year Anneversary

Shot for the 50 year anniversary of sappi saiccor over a period of 5 days with minimal sleep and difficult locations to access, thirty plus interviews, extreme temperatures inside the plants and heavy rainfall outside we managed to pull off what we were asked for.
Hein Marise
Couple: Hein & Marise

When a videographer can have his way he will always want to shoot when the sun sets or rises and in this case we caught the most beautiful light after a thunder shower. Then on top of that, having a wedding at one of the most sought after wedding venues makes camera work just so much easier.
Louis & Rozelda
Couple: Louis & Rozella
Venue: Stanger, Kwa Zulu Natal

An idyllic wedding on a south coast beach with hot summer weather and ice cold drinks equals fun. Location always plays a big part when shooting a couple and in this case we had one of the most beautiful spots to work with.
Vilje & Nicol
Couple: Villiers & Nicol
Venue: Rosendal, Freestate

Atmosphere is created when thought goes into every little detail and then comes alive when the couple elegantly fits into their picturesque surroundings. With this idiosyncratic wedding the spirit most certainly was felt. A wide variety of location spots always make for a dynamic wedding video.
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